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GPU Computing

System objects supporting GPU acceleration

You can speed up your computations in any radar scenario that requires simulation of ground-based clutter when you have a graphics processing unit (GPU). Modeling clutter is computationally expensive and can be performed more quickly with a GPU. The phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutter System object™ provides accelerated gamma clutter simulation.

For a demonstration of how GPU processing works, see GPU Acceleration of Clutter Simulation (1 min, 50 sec).

System Objects

phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutterConstant gamma clutter simulation on GPU


Overview of Basic Workflow

This section provides an introduction to the end-to-end radar simulation.

Standards and Conventions

This section introduces the concept of baseband signals and defines the local and global coordinate systems used in the toolbox.

Units of Measure and Physical Constants

Phased Array System Toolbox™ uses the International System of Units.

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