Phased Array System Toolbox Product Description

Design and simulate phased array signal processing systems

Phased Array System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and tools for the design, simulation, and analysis of phased array signal processing systems. These capabilities are provided as MATLAB® functions and MATLAB System objects. The system toolbox includes algorithms for waveform generation, beamforming, direction of arrival estimation, target detection, and space-time adaptive processing.

The system toolbox lets you build monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic architectures for a variety of array geometries. You can model these architectures on stationary or moving platforms. Array analysis and visualization apps help you evaluate spatial, spectral, and temporal performance. The system toolbox lets you model an end-to-end phased array system or use individual algorithms to process acquired data.

Key Features

  • Monostatic and multistatic radar system modeling, including point targets, free-space propagation, surface clutter, and barrage jammer

  • Modeling of sensor arrays and subarrays with arbitrary geometries

  • Polarization and platform motion specification for arrays and targets

  • Synthesis and analysis of continuous and pulsed waveforms

  • Broadband and narrowband digital beamforming, including MVDR/Capon, LCMV, time delay, Frost, and subband phase shift

  • Direction of arrival algorithms, including monopulse, beamscan, MVDR, root MUSIC, and ESPRIT

  • Algorithms for TVG, pulse compression, coherent and noncoherent integration, CFAR processing, plotting ROC curves, and estimating range and Doppler

  • Space-time adaptive processing (STAP), including sample matrix inversion (SMI), and angle-Doppler response visualization

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