System Design and Simulation in MATLAB

System objects allow you to design and simulate your system in MATLAB®. You use System objects in MATLAB as shown in this diagram.

  1. Create individual components — Create the System objects to use in your system. See Create Components for Your System for information. In addition to the System objects provided with System Toolboxes, you can also create your own System objects. See Define New System ObjectsDefine System Objects.

  2. Configure components — If necessary, change the objects' property values to model your particular system. All System object properties have default values that you may be able to use without changing them. See Configure Components for Your System for information.

  3. Assemble components into system — Write a MATLAB program that includes those System objects, connecting them using MATLAB variables as inputs and outputs to simulate your system. See Assemble Components to Create Your System for information.

  4. Run the system — Run your program, which uses the step method to run your system's System objects. You can change tunable properties while your system is running. See Run Your System and Reconfigure Your System During Runtime for information.

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