Motion Modeling and Coordinate Systems

Array and target trajectory modeling, coordinate transformations, doppler shift

The Phased Array System Toolbox™ lets you model source, target, and jammer trajectories from initial positions and velocities. You can transform between coordinates systems, transform angular measurements, and convert between velocity and Doppler shift.

System Objects

phased.Platform Motion platform


dop2speed Convert Doppler shift to speed
speed2dop Convert speed to Doppler shift
radialspeed Relative radial speed
rangeangle Range and angle calculation
global2localcoord Convert global to local coordinates
local2globalcoord Convert local to global coordinates
uv2azel Convert u/v coordinates to azimuth/elevation angles
azel2uv Convert azimuth/elevation angles to u/v coordinates
phitheta2azel Convert angles from phi/theta form to azimuth/elevation form
azel2phitheta Convert angles from azimuth/elevation form to phi/theta form
uv2phitheta Convert u/v coordinates to phi/theta angles
phitheta2uv Convert phi/theta angles to u/v coordinates
rotx Rotation matrix for rotations around x-axis
roty Rotation matrix for rotations around y-axis
rotz Rotation matrix for rotations around z-axis
cart2sphvec Convert vector from Cartesian components to spherical representation
sph2cartvec Convert vector from spherical basis components to Cartesian components
azelaxes Spherical basis vectors in 3-by-3 matrix form
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