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Range and Doppler Estimation

Range estimation, range-Doppler processing, and FMCW range estimation.

The Phased Array System Toolbox™ includes a System object and Simulink® block for range-Doppler processing. Utility functions let you compute range-Doppler coupling, convert beat-to-range.

System Objects

phased.DopplerEstimatorDoppler estimation
phased.RangeDopplerResponseRange-Doppler response
phased.RangeEstimatorRange estimation
phased.RangeResponseRange response


Doppler EstimatorDoppler estimation
Range Doppler ResponseRange-Doppler response
Range EstimatorRange estimation
Range ResponseRange response


beat2rangeConvert beat frequency to range
range2beatConvert range to beat frequency
rdcouplingRange Doppler coupling
stretchfreq2rngConvert frequency offset to range
blakechartRange-angle-height (Blake) chart
bw2rangeConvert bandwidth to range resolution
physconstPhysical constants
radareqpowPeak power estimate from radar equation
radareqrngMaximum theoretical range estimate
radareqsnrSNR estimate from radar equation
radarvcdVertical coverage diagram
range2bwConvert range resolution to required bandwidth
bw2rangeConvert bandwidth to range resolution
physconstPhysical constants
range2bwConvert range resolution to required bandwidth
range2tlCompute underwater sound transmission loss from range
sonareqslCompute source level using the sonar equation
sonareqsnrCompute SNR using the sonar equation
sonareqtlCompute transmission loss using the sonar equation
tl2rangeCompute range from underwater transmission loss


Radar Equation CalculatorEstimate maximum range, peak power, and SNR of a radar system
Sonar Equation Calculator Estimate maximum range, SNR, transmission loss and source level of a sonar system



Range-Doppler Response

Range-Doppler processing and range-Doppler maps

Phased Array Systems

Overview of Basic Workflow

This section provides an introduction to the end-to-end radar simulation.

End-to-End Radar System

The basic toolbox workflow is applied to a monostatic radar system consisting of a single antenna.

Radar Equation

Radar Equation

Radar equation for peak power, range, and SNR in monostatic and bistatic configurations

Standards and Conventions

This section introduces the concept of baseband signals and defines the local and global coordinate systems used in the toolbox.

Units of Measure and Physical Constants

Phased Array System Toolbox uses the International System of Units.

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