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Convert azimuth angle to broadside angle


BSang = az2broadside(az,el)


BSang = az2broadside(az,el) returns the broadside angle BSang corresponding to the azimuth angle, az, and the elevation angle, el. All angles are expressed in degrees and in the local coordinate system. az and el can be either scalars or vectors. If both of them are vectors, their dimensions must match.


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Return the broadside angle corresponding to 45° azimuth and 45° elevation.

bsang = az2broadside(45,45)
bsang =


Return broadside angles for 10 azimuth-elevation pairs.

az = (75:5:120)';
el = (45:5:90)';
bsang = az2broadside(az,el);

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Broadside Angle

The broadside angle β corresponding to an azimuth angle az and an elevation angle el is:


where –180 ≤ az ≤ 180 and –90 ≤ el ≤ 90.

Introduced in R2011a

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