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Class: matlab.System
Package: matlab

System output and state update equations


[output1,output2,...] = stepImpl(obj,input1,input2,...)


[output1,output2,...] = stepImpl(obj,input1,input2,...) specifies the algorithm to execute when you run the System object™. Running the object calculates the outputs and updates the object's state values using the inputs, properties, and state update equations. You can also run an object using function-like syntax instead of the step method. For example, if you define an FFT object using txfourier = dsp.FFT, you can run it simply by using txfourier().

stepImpl is called when you run the System object.

    Note:   You must set Access = protected for this method.


The number of input arguments and output arguments must match the values returned by the getNumInputsImpl and getNumOutputsImpl methods, respectively.

Do not call release within the stepImpl method.

Input Arguments


System object handle


Inputs to the System object

Output Arguments


Output returned from the System object.


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Use the stepImpl method to increment two numbers.

methods (Access = protected)
   function [y1,y2] = stepImpl(obj,x1,x2)
      y1 = x1 + 1;
      y2 = x2 + 1;
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