System object: phased.CustomMicrophoneElement
Package: phased

Polarization capability


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h)


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h) returns a Boolean value, flag, indicating whether the phased.CustomMicrophoneElement supports polarization. An element supports polarization if it can create or respond to polarized fields. This microphone element, as with all microphone elements, does not support polarization.

Input Arguments

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h — Custom microphone element

Custom microphone element specified as a phased.CustomMicrophoneElement System object™.

Output Arguments

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flag — Polarization-capability flag

Polarization-capability returned as a Boolean value true if the microphone element supports polarization or false if it does not. Because the phased.CustomMicrophoneElement object does not support polarization, flag is always returned as false.


Custom Microphone Element does not Support Polarization

Show that the phased.CustomMicrophoneElement microphone element does not support polarization.

h = phased.CustomMicrophoneElement;
ans =


The returned value false (0) shows that the custom microphone element does not support polarization.

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