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System object: phased.PartitionedArray
Package: phased

Polarization capability


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h)


flag = isPolarizationCapable(h) returns a Boolean value, flag, indicating whether the array supports polarization. An array supports polarization if all its constituent sensor elements support polarization.

Input Arguments

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Partitioned array specified as a phased.PartitionedArray System object™.

Output Arguments

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Polarization-capability flag returned as a Boolean value. This value is true, if the array supports polarization or false, if it does not.


Partitioned Array of Short-Dipole Antenna Elements Supports Polarization

Determine whether a partitioned array of phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement short-dipole antenna elements supports polarization.

hsd = phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement(...
    'FrequencyRange',[1e9 10e9]);
ha = phased.ULA(4,'Element',hsd);
hp = phased.PartitionedArray('Array',ha,...
     'SubarraySelection',[1 1 0 0; 0 0 1 1]);
ans =


The returned value true (1) shows that this array supports polarization.

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