System object: phased.ULA
Package: phased

Positions of array elements


POS = getElementPosition(H)
POS = getElementPosition(H,ELEIDX)


POS = getElementPosition(H) returns the element positions of the ULA System object™, H . POS is a 3-by-N matrix, where N is the number of elements in H. Each column of POS defines the position of an element in the local coordinate system, in meters, using the form [x; y; z]. The origin of the local coordinate system is the phase center of the array. The positive x-axis is the direction normal to the array, and the elements of the array are located along the y-axis.

POS = getElementPosition(H,ELEIDX) returns only the positions of the elements that are specified in the element index vector ELEIDX. This syntax can use any of the input arguments in the previous syntax.


Construct a default ULA, and obtain the element positions.

 ha = phased.ULA;
 pos = getElementPosition(ha)
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