Radar equation calculator


The Radar Equation Calculator app is a tool for solving the basic radar equation for monostatic or bistatic radar systems. The radar equation relates target range, transmitted power and received signal SNR. Using this app, you can solve for any one of these three quantities. If you know the transmit power of your radar and the desired received SNR, you can solve for the maximum target range. If you know the target range and desired received SNR, you can compute how much power you need to transmit. Finally, if you know the range and transmit power, you can calculate the received SNR value.

After you choose the type of solution, set other parameters to build a complete model. The principal parameters to specify are target cross-section, wavelength, antenna gains, noise temperature, and overall system losses.


 Maximum Detection Range of a Monostatic Radar

 Maximum Detection Range of a Monostatic Radar Using Multiple Pulses

 Maximum Detection Range of Bistatic Radar System

 Required Transmit Power for a Bistatic Radar

 Receiver SNR for a Monostatic Radar

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