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Uniform grid index


Ind = val2ind(Value,Delta)
Ind = val2ind(Value,Delta,GridStartValue)


Ind = val2ind(Value,Delta) returns the index of the value Value in a uniform grid with a spacing between elements of Delta. The first element of the uniform grid is zero. If Value does not correspond exactly to an element of the grid, the next element is returned. If Value is a row vector, Ind is a row vector of the same size.

Ind = val2ind(Value,Delta,GridStartValue) specifies the starting value of the uniform grid as GridStartValue.


Find index for 0.001 in uniform grid with 1 MHz sampling rate.

Fs = 1e6;
Ind = val2ind(0.001,1/Fs);
% Ind is 1001 because the 1st grid element is zero

Find indices for vector with 1 kHz sampling rate.

Fs = 1e3;
% Construct row vector of values
Values =[0.0095 0.0125 0.0225];
% Values not divisible by 1/Fs
% with nonzero remainder
Ind = val2ind(Values,1/Fs);
% Returns Ind =[11 14 24]

Introduced in R2011a

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