Signal Propagation and Environment

Channel propagation, radar cross section, Swerling targets, clutter, jammers

The Phased Array System Toolbox™ lets you model free-space signal propagation from source to target and return. Free space propagation models include range-dependent time delay, phase shift, Doppler shift, and attenuation. You can specify scattering radar cross sections (RCS) for point-target reflectors for nonpolarized and polarized radiation. The toolbox lets you create collections of distributed point reflectors for complex, distributed targets. The four standard Swerling target models are implemented. In addition, clutter and jammer models are provided.

System Objects

phased.FreeSpace Free space environment
phased.RadarTarget Radar target
phased.ConstantGammaClutter Constant gamma clutter simulation
phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutter Constant gamma clutter simulation on GPU
phased.BarrageJammer Barrage jammer


Free Space Free space environment
Radar Target Radar target
Motion Platform Motion platform
Constant Gamma Clutter Constant gamma clutter simulation
GPU Constant Gamma Clutter Constant gamma clutter simulation using gpu
Barrage Jammer Barrage jammer interference source
Range Angle Calculator Range and angle calculations
Azimuth Broadside Converter Convert azimuth angle to broadside angle and vice versa


billingsleyicm Billingsley's intrinsic clutter motion (ICM) model
depressionang Depression angle of surface target
effearthradius Effective earth radius
fspl Free space path loss
grazingang Grazing angle of surface target
horizonrange Horizon range
physconst Physical constants
surfacegamma Gamma value for different terrains
surfclutterrcs Surface clutter radar cross section (RCS)
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