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Signal Radiation and Collection

Narrowband and wideband signal radiation and collection by phased arrays

Radiators create the electromagnetic or acoustic fields that propagate through space, air, or water. Collectors transform those fields back into electronic signals at the receiver. Phased Array System Toolbox™ System objects and Simulink® blocks simulate radiation and collection processes for narrowband and wideband signals.

System Objects

phased.CollectorNarrowband signal collector
phased.RadiatorNarrowband signal radiator
phased.WidebandCollectorWideband signal collector
phased.WidebandRadiatorWideband signal radiator


Narrowband Receive ArrayNarrowband receive array
Narrowband Transmit ArrayNarrowband transmit array
Wideband Receive ArrayWideband receive array
Wideband Transmit ArrayWideband transmit array


sensorsigSimulate received signal at sensor array
sensorcovSensor spatial covariance matrix


Radiation and Collection

Signal Radiation

Simulate the radiated fields from antennas and arrays.

Signal Collection

Simulate the incoming fields at antennas and arrays.

Phased Array Systems

Overview of Basic Workflow

This section provides an introduction to the end-to-end radar simulation.

End-to-End Radar System

The basic toolbox workflow is applied to a monostatic radar system consisting of a single antenna.


Standards and Conventions

This section introduces the concept of baseband signals and defines the local and global coordinate systems used in the toolbox.

Units of Measure and Physical Constants

Phased Array System Toolbox uses the International System of Units.

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