Signal Radiation and Collection

Narrowband and wideband signal radiation and collection by phased arrays

Radiators create the electromagnetic or acoustic fields that propagate through space, air, or water. Collectors transform those fields back into electronic signals at the receiver. Phased Array System Toolbox™ System objects and Simulink® blocks simulate radiation and collection processes for narrowband and wideband signals.

System Objects

phased.Collector Narrowband signal collector
phased.Radiator Narrowband signal radiator
phased.WidebandCollector Wideband signal collector
phased.WidebandRadiator Wideband signal radiator


Narrowband Receive Array Narrowband receive array
Narrowband Transmit Array Narrowband transmit array
Wideband Receive Array Wideband receive array
Wideband Transmit Array Wideband transmit array


sensorsig Simulate received signal at sensor array
sensorcov Sensor spatial covariance matrix
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