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Phased Array System Toolbox System Objects

Alphabetical List By Category

Phased Array Design and Analysis

Antennas, Microphones, and Sonar Transducers

phased.CosineAntennaElement Cosine antenna element
phased.CrossedDipoleAntennaElement Crossed-dipole antenna element
phased.CustomAntennaElement Custom antenna element
phased.IsotropicAntennaElement Isotropic antenna element
phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElement Short-dipole antenna element
phased.CustomMicrophoneElement Custom microphone
phased.OmnidirectionalMicrophoneElement Omnidirectional microphone
phased.IsotropicHydrophone Isotropic hydrophone
phased.IsotropicProjector Isotropic projector

Array Geometries and Analysis

phased.ULA Uniform linear array
phased.URA Uniform rectangular array
phased.UCA Uniform circular array
phased.ConformalArray Conformal array
phased.PartitionedArray Phased array partitioned into subarrays
phased.ReplicatedSubarray Phased array formed by replicated subarrays
phased.HeterogeneousConformalArray Heterogeneous conformal array
phased.HeterogeneousULA Heterogeneous uniform linear array
phased.HeterogeneousURA Heterogeneous uniform rectangular array
phased.SteeringVector Sensor array steering vector
phased.ElementDelay Sensor array element delay estimator
phased.ArrayGain Sensor array gain
phased.ArrayResponse Sensor array response

Signal Radiation and Collection

phased.Collector Narrowband signal collector
phased.Radiator Narrowband signal radiator
phased.WidebandCollector Wideband signal collector
phased.WidebandRadiator Wideband signal radiator

Transmitters and Receivers

phased.Transmitter Transmitter
phased.ReceiverPreamp Receiver preamp

Waveform Design and Analysis

Pulsed Waveforms

phased.LinearFMWaveform Linear FM pulse waveform
phased.PhaseCodedWaveform Phase-coded pulse waveform
phased.RectangularWaveform Rectangular pulse waveform
phased.SteppedFMWaveform Stepped FM pulse waveform

Continuous Waveforms

phased.FMCWWaveform FMCW waveform
phased.MFSKWaveform MFSK waveform

Matched Filter and Ambiguity Function

phased.MatchedFilter Matched filter

Beamforming and Direction of Arrival Estimation


phased.LCMVBeamformer Narrowband LCMV beamformer
phased.MVDRBeamformer Narrowband MVDR (Capon) beamformer
phased.PhaseShiftBeamformer Narrowband phase shift beamformer
phased.SteeringVector Sensor array steering vector
phased.FrostBeamformer Frost beamformer
phased.GSCBeamformer Generalized sideband canceller
phased.SubbandMVDRBeamformer Subband MVDR (Capon) beamformer
phased.SubbandPhaseShiftBeamformer Subband phase shift beamformer
phased.TimeDelayBeamformer Time delay beamformer
phased.TimeDelayLCMVBeamformer Time delay LCMV beamformer

Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation

phased.BeamscanEstimator Beamscan spatial spectrum estimator for ULA
phased.BeamspaceESPRITEstimator Beamspace ESPRIT direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.ESPRITEstimator ESPRIT direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.MVDREstimator MVDR (Capon) spatial spectrum estimator for ULA
phased.MUSICEstimator Estimate direction of arrival using narrowband MUSIC algorithm for ULA
phased.RootMUSICEstimator Root MUSIC direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA and UCA
phased.RootWSFEstimator Root WSF direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.SumDifferenceMonopulseTracker Sum and difference monopulse for ULA
phased.SumDifferenceMonopulseTracker2D Sum and difference monopulse for URA
phased.BeamscanEstimator2D 2-D beamscan spatial spectrum estimator
phased.GCCEstimator Wideband direction of arrival estimation
phased.MUSICEstimator2D Estimate 2D direction of arrival using narrowband MUSIC algorithm
phased.MVDREstimator2D 2-D MVDR (Capon) spatial spectrum estimator

Space-Time Adaptive Processing (STAP)

phased.STAPSMIBeamformer Sample matrix inversion (SMI) beamformer
phased.DPCACanceller Displaced phase center array (DPCA) pulse canceller
phased.ADPCACanceller Adaptive DPCA (ADPCA) pulse canceller
phased.AngleDopplerResponse Angle-Doppler response

Detection, Range and Doppler Estimation


phased.CFARDetector Constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
phased.CFARDetector2D Two-dimensional CFAR detector
phased.MatchedFilter Matched filter
phased.StretchProcessor Stretch processor for linear FM waveform
phased.TimeVaryingGain Time varying gain control

Range and Doppler Estimation

phased.DopplerEstimator Doppler estimation
phased.RangeDopplerResponse Range-Doppler response
phased.RangeEstimator Range estimation
phased.RangeResponse Range response


phased.IntensityScope Range-time-intensity (RTI) or Doppler-time-intensity (DTI) display

Targets and Environment

Targets and Interference

phased.RadarTarget Radar target
phased.BackscatterRadarTarget Backscatter radar target
phased.BackscatterSonarTarget Sonar target backscatter
phased.WidebandBackscatterRadarTarget Backscatter wideband signal from radar target
phased.BarrageJammer Barrage jammer
phased.ConstantGammaClutter Constant gamma clutter simulation
phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutter Constant gamma clutter simulation on GPU

Signal Propagation

phased.FreeSpace Free space environment
phased.LOSChannel Narrowband LOS propagation channel
phased.TwoRayChannel Two-ray propagation channel
phased.ScatteringMIMOChannel Scattering MIMO channel
phased.IsoSpeedUnderwaterPaths Isospeed multipath sonar channel
phased.MultipathChannel Propagate signals in multipath channel
phased.WidebandFreeSpace Wideband freespace propagation
phased.WidebandLOSChannel Wideband LOS propagation channel
phased.WidebandTwoRayChannel Wideband two-ray propagation channel

Motion Modeling and Coordinate Systems

phased.Platform Model platform motion
phased.ScenarioViewer Display motion of radars and targets

Algorithm Acceleration

GPU Computing

phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutter Constant gamma clutter simulation on GPU
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