MOSFET Characteristics

This example shows generation of the characteristic curves for an N-channel MOSFET. Define the vector of gate voltages and minimum and maximum drain-source voltages by double clicking on the block labeled 'Define Vg and Vds'. Then double click on the block labeled 'Generate Characteristics'.

This type of plot can be compared against a manufacturer datasheet to confirm a correct implementation of the MOSFET parameters. You can also use this model to examine the MOSFET characteristics in the reverse region by specifying a range of negative Vds values.

To explore the properties of a P-channel MOSFET, copy a P-Channel MOSFET from the library to replace the N-channel device, taking care to swap over the two output connections so that the source is still connected to ground. To specify normal operation, the vector of gate voltages should be negative, and the Vds range of values should be negative.

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