Thermal Characteristics of a Synchronous Buck Converter

This example shows how to model just the thermal dynamics of the MOSFETs in the Synchronous Buck Converter model elec_switching_power_supply. Omitting the electrical switching dynamics speeds up simulation, and enables the steady-state temperatures to be determined. The more detailed model is needed to determine the MOSFET switching and on-state losses. Running the detailed model and then plotting the logged data saves these losses to workspace variables P_MOSFET1 and P_MOSFET2. This simplified thermal model can then be run, and plotting the logged data saves the temperatures to workspace variables T_junction1, T_case1, T_heatsink1, T_junction2, T_case2 and T_heatsink2. A second iteration is then needed using these temperatures as the starting conditions for the detailed model, the device characteristics depending on temperature.

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