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Getting Started with Simscape Electronics


DC Motor Model

How to build a model of a DC motor, modify the parameters, run the model, and examine the results

Triangle Wave Generator Model

How to build a Simscape™ Electronics™ model and parameterize the blocks using datasheet values, run the model, and examine the results

About Electronic Modeling and Simulation

Modeling Electronic and Electromechanical Systems

A typical workflow for analyzing a system using Simscape Electronics software

Simscape Electronics Assumptions and Limitations

Simscape Electronics contains blocks that let you model electronic and mechatronic systems at a speed and level of fidelity that is appropriate for system-level analysis.

Simscape Electronics Block Libraries

Overview of the Simscape Electronics block libraries

Essential Electronic Modeling Techniques

Simscape Electronics models are essentially Simscape block diagrams.

Simulating an Electronic System

Simscape Electronics software supports all of the continuous-time solvers that Simscape supports.

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