Getting Started with Simscape Electronics


DC Motor Model

How to build a model of a DC motor, modify the parameters, run the model, and examine the results

Triangle Wave Generator Model

How to build a Simscape™ Electronics™ model and parameterize the blocks using datasheet values, run the model, and examine the results

About Electronic Modeling and Simulation

Modeling Electronic and Electromechanical Systems

A typical workflow for analyzing a system using Simscape Electronics software

Simscape Electronics Assumptions and Limitations

Simscape Electronics contains blocks that let you model electronic and mechatronic systems at a speed and level of fidelity that is appropriate for system-level analysis.

Simscape Electronics Block Libraries

Overview of the Simscape Electronics block libraries

Essential Electronic Modeling Techniques

Describes how to build electronic models

Simulating an Electronic System

Choosing a solver for running a Simscape Electronics simulation

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