Integrated Circuits

Commonly used integrated circuits, such as operational amplifiers, comparators, timers

Simscape Blocks

Band-Limited Op-Amp Model band-limited operational amplifier
Comparator Model a comparator behaviorally
Finite-Gain Op-Amp Model gain-limited operational amplifier
Fully Differential Op-Amp Model operational amplifier with fully differential output, that is, not referenced to ground
Multiplier Model integrated circuit multiplier
Operational Transconductance Amplifier Model behavioral representation of operational transconductance amplifier
Push-Pull Output Represent CMOS complementary output stage behaviorally
Timer Model timer integrated circuit behaviorally
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Behavioral model of voltage-controlled oscillator

Examples and How To

Parameterize an Op-Amp from a Datasheet

How to specify block parameters for an operational amplifier to match the data found on manufacturer datasheets.


Parameterizing Blocks from Datasheets

Overview of techniques used to specify block parameters to match the data found on manufacturer datasheets.

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