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Passive Devices

Passive electrical devices, such as fuses, potentiometers, relays

Simscape Blocks

CapacitorCapacitor model including nonlinearity, tolerance, operational limits, and fault behavior
CrystalModel stable resonator
Diffusion ResistorResistor model including velocity saturation, tolerance, operational limits, fault behavior, and noise
Eddy CurrentModel eddy current losses
FaultModel electrical fault
FuseModel fuse that protects against excessive current
Incandescent LampModel incandescent lamp, with resistance depending on temperature
InductorInductor model including tolerance, operational limits, and fault behavior
Mutual InductorMutual inductor model with nominal inductance tolerances for each winding, operating limits, and faults
Nonlinear InductorModel inductor with nonideal core
Nonlinear TransformerModel transformer with nonideal core
PotentiometerModel rotary or linear-travel potentiometer controlled by physical signal
RelayModel switching and associated delay of relay
Reluctance with HysteresisNonlinear reluctance with magnetic hysteresis
ResistorResistor model including tolerance, operational limits, fault behavior, and noise
Three-Winding Mutual InductorModel three coupled inductors
Transmission LineModel delay-based or lumped parameter transmission line
Variable CapacitorModel linear time-varying capacitor
Variable InductorModel linear time-varying inductor
VaristorVoltage-dependent resistor


Parameterizing Blocks from Datasheets

Overview of techniques used to specify block parameters to match the data found on manufacturer datasheets.

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