Semiconductor Devices

Discrete semiconductor devices, such as diodes and transistors

Simscape Blocks

Current Limiter Behavioral model of current limiter
Diode Diode model; piecewise linear, piecewise linear zener, or exponential diode
N-Channel IGBT Model N-Channel IGBT
N-Channel JFET Model N-Channel JFET
N-Channel MOSFET Model N-Channel MOSFET using Shichman-Hodges equation
NPN Bipolar Transistor Model NPN bipolar transistor using enhanced Ebers-Moll equations
Optocoupler Model optocoupler as LED, current sensor, and controlled current source
P-Channel JFET Model P-Channel JFET
P-Channel MOSFET Model P-Channel MOSFET using Shichman-Hodges equation
PNP Bipolar Transistor Model PNP bipolar transistor using enhanced Ebers-Moll equations
Thyristor Model thyristor using NPN and PNP transistors


elec_getPowerLossSummary Calculate dissipated power losses
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