SimElectronics Assumptions and Limitations

SimElectronics® contains blocks that let you model electronic and mechatronic systems at a speed and level of fidelity that is appropriate for system-level analysis. The blocks let you perform tradeoff analyses to optimize system design, for example, by testing various algorithms with different circuit implementations. The library contains blocks that use either high-level or more detailed models to simulate components. SimElectronics does not have the capability to:

  • Model large circuits with dozens of analog components, such as a complete transceiver.

  • Perform either layout (physical design) tasks, or the associated implementation tasks such as layout versus schematic (LVS), design rule checking (DRC), parasitic extraction, and back annotation.

  • Model 3-D parasitic effects that are typically important for high-frequency applications.

For these types of requirements, you must use an EDA package specifically designed for the implementation of analog circuits.

Another MathWorks® product, SimPowerSystems™ software, is better suited for power system networks where:

  • The underlying equations are predominantly linear (e.g., transmission lines and linear machine models).

  • Three-phase motors and generators are used.

SimPowerSystems has blocks and solvers specifically designed for these types of applications.

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