Water Supply System

This example shows a water supply system consisting of three pumping stations located at 45, 25, and 30 m with respect to to the reference plane, respectively. All three stations are expected to pump water in a tank located at 61 m. All tanks are of very big volume, which makes it possible to assume that the fluid level remains practically constant and simulate them with the Constant Head Tank block. The initial volume of water in each tank is set to 100 m^3. Each pumping stations consists of a tank, two centrifugal pumps, installed in parallel, and a prime mover rotating at 1700 rpm. The pumps are specified with the table lookup characteristics.

The objective of the simulation is to determine steady-state flow rates and pressures. For this reason, all pipes are simulated with the Resistive Pipe LP block. Three major sets of variables: flow rates and pressures at the output of pumping stations, and fluid volumes in the tank, are output via display facility, because no system dynamics are expected to be observed.

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