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Getting Started with Simscape Fluids


Start a New Simscape Fluids Model

Open a model template and the block library from the MATLAB® command prompt.

Model a Thermal Liquid Pipeline

Use Thermal Liquid blocks to model a simple fluid transport system.

Model an Isothermal Hydraulic Actuator

Use Hydraulics blocks to model a simple isothermal liquid actuation system.

About Hydraulic Modeling and Simulation

Simscape Fluids Applications

Learn about the libraries and applications of Simscape™ Fluids™ software.

Simscape Fluids Modeling Principles

Learn how Simscape Fluids models use blocks, ports, and lines to represent fluid systems.

Specifying the Working Fluid

Learn how to select a fluid or specify its properties in Hydraulic and Thermal Liquid networks.

Simulating Hydraulic Models

Learn about solver selection, simulation accuracy-speed tradeoffs, and simulation issues that can arise in Hydraulic networks.

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