Hydraulic Cylinders

Linear and rotary actuators for one- and two-way motion control

Simscape Blocks

Centrifugal Force in Rotating CylinderCentrifugal force in rotating hydraulic cylinders
Cylinder CushionCushion in hydraulic cylinders
Cylinder FrictionFriction in hydraulic cylinders
Double-Acting Hydraulic CylinderHydraulic actuator exerting force in both directions
Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (Simple)Basic functionality of double-acting hydraulic cylinder
Double-Acting Rotary ActuatorDouble-acting hydraulic rotary actuator
Pneumo-Hydraulic ActuatorDouble-acting cylinder operated by hydraulic and pneumatic power
Single-Acting Hydraulic CylinderHydraulic actuator exerting force in one direction
Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder (Simple)Basic functionality of single-acting hydraulic cylinder
Single-Acting Rotary ActuatorSingle-acting hydraulic rotary actuator
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