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Local flow restrictions of fixed and variable size

Simscape Blocks

Annular Orifice Hydraulic variable orifice created by circular tube and round insert
Fixed Orifice Hydraulic orifice with constant cross-sectional area
Fixed Orifice Empirical Fixed hydraulic orifice based on empirical data
Fixed Orifice with Fluid Inertia Fixed hydraulic orifice accounting for flow inertia
Journal Bearing Pressure-Fed Hydraulic portion of pressure-fed journal bearing
Orifice with Variable Area Round Holes Hydraulic variable orifice shaped as set of round holes drilled in sleeve
Orifice with Variable Area Slot Hydraulic variable orifice shaped as rectangular slot
Variable Orifice Generic hydraulic variable orifice
Variable Orifice Between Round Holes Hydraulic variable orifice at intersection of two holes
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