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Valve Actuators

Linear actuators for valve operation

Simscape Blocks

2-Position Valve Actuator Actuator for two-position valves
3-Position Valve Actuator Actuator for three-position valves
Double-Acting Servo Cylinder Hydraulic double-acting servo cylinder with spring-centered plunger
Hydraulic 4-Port Cartridge Valve Actuator Double-acting hydraulic valve actuator driven by four pressures
Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Actuator Double-acting hydraulic actuator for cartridge valves
Hydraulic Double-Acting Valve Actuator Double-acting hydraulic valve actuator
Hydraulic Single-Acting Valve Actuator Single-acting hydraulic valve actuator
Proportional and Servo-Valve Actuator Continuous valve driver with output proportional to input signal
Valve Actuator Simplified model of valve driver
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