Couple driveline axes with Coulomb friction

Simscape Blocks

Cone Clutch Friction clutch with conical plates that engage when normal force exceeds threshold
Disk Friction Clutch Friction clutch with disk plates that engage when plate pressure exceeds threshold
Dog Clutch Clutch with toothed plates that engage when plate teeth become enmeshed
Double-Sided Synchronizer Back-to-back dog-cone clutch pairs assembled symmetrically about a translational detent to provide smooth gear engagement
Logic-Controlled Clutch Friction clutch with binary input control
Synchronizer Cone clutch, dog clutch, and translational detent assembled to provide smooth gear engagement
Unidirectional Clutch Clutch that transmits power in a single direction
Fundamental Friction Clutch Friction clutch with kinetic and static-limit friction torques as inputs


Gear Coupling Control with Clutches

Couple and decouple driveshafts with clutches.

Specialized Clutches

Build custom clutches and simulate losses that decrease clutch efficiency.

Simulate Thermal Losses in Driveline Components

Evaluate the effects of thermal losses on device temperature and performance.

Driveline States — Effect of Clutches

Determine the overall state of a driveline by identifying the clutch states.

How Simscape Driveline Simulates a Driveline System

Learn how to analyze and simulate a driveline using Simscape™ Driveline™.


Driveline Simulation Performance

Optimize simulation performance by adjusting Simscape Driveline and Simscape solver settings and model fidelity.

Driveline Simulation Errors

Identify and eliminate driveline modeling and simulation issues.

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