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Initial Condition

Set initial angular velocity of driveline axis to nonzero value


Sensors & Actuators


The Initial Condition block connects to a driveline axis and specifies a value for the initial angular velocity of that axis. You specify the initial angular velocity, in radians/second, in the block dialog.

The Initial Condition block has one port. You can connect it to a driveline axis by

  • Connecting the port to the end of the axis

  • Branching a connection line off the main line and connecting it to the port

    Caution:   If you do not connect an Initial Condition block to a driveline axis, the axis is assumed to start the simulation with zero angular velocity. You must ensure that the initial angular velocities of your coupled driveline axes are consistent with one another. If they are not, the simulation stops with an error.

Dialog Box and Parameters

Initial angular velocity

The initial angular velocity of the driveline axis connected to this block. The units are radians/second (rad/s). The default is 0.

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