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Rotational Coupling

Connect Simscape Driveline driveline shaft with Simscape mechanical rotational elements


Interface Elements


You use this block to connect Simscape™ Driveline™ components with mechanical rotational elements from the Simscape Foundation library. Dynamically, such a connection is equivalent to connecting the mechanical rotational elements along the driveshaft connected to the interface.

The Simscape environment supports a domain representing one-dimensional rotational motion. In a Simscape mechanical rotational circuit, torque flows through a connection line, while angular velocity is defined across nodes connected by connection lines. The Rotational Coupling block rigidly couples a Simscape Driveline driveshaft to a Simscape mechanical rotational degree of freedom. By itself, this interface adds or removes no degrees of freedom to or from the combined driveline-circuit. Rotational Coupling preserves torque through and motion across the block, conserving mechanical power.

  • The driveline port acts, on the Simscape Driveline side, like a torque actuator, feeding torque from the circuit into the driveline, while maintaining the angular velocity across the block.

  • The physical conserving port acts, on the Simscape side, like a motion actuator, feeding a prescribed motion from the driveline into the circuit, while preserving the flow of torque through the block.

Like Simscape Driveline driveline motion, Simscape mechanical motion occurs in an implicit absolute, inertial reference frame.

Dialog Box and Parameters

This block has no parameters.


The drive_interface_rot_coupling example illustrates how to connect drivelines to Simscape mechanical rotational elements with the Rotational Coupling block.

See Also

Consult the Simscape documentation for more about modeling Physical Networks.

Torque Actuator

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