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Driveline Simulation

Improve simulation performance, troubleshoot simulation errors

Understanding how Simscape™ Driveline™ simulates a driveline can help you build models that simulate without performance issues. If you do encounter performance issues, to resolve them, you can identify and eliminate conflicting constraints for degrees of freedom, clutch states, and initial conditions in your model.


Driveline Simulation Performance

Optimize simulation performance by adjusting Simscape Driveline and Simscape solver settings and model fidelity.

How Simscape Driveline Simulates a Driveline System

Learn how a Simscape Driveline simulation differs from a Simscape simulation.

Driveline Degrees of Freedom

Identify and define driveline degrees of freedom.

Driveline States — Effect of Clutches

Determine the overall state of a driveline by identifying the clutch states.

Specialized and Customized Driveline Components

Increase model fidelity using custom Simscape Driveline components.

Simulate Thermal Losses in Driveline Components

Evaluate the effects of thermal losses on device temperature and performance.


Troubleshoot Driveline Modeling and Simulation Issues

Identify and eliminate issues that prevent your model from simulating to completion.

Troubleshoot Overconstrained and Conflicting Degrees of Freedom

Identify and eliminate issues with conflicting constraints.

Troubleshoot Clutch and Transmission Errors

Identify and eliminate issues with dynamic constraints.

Troubleshoot Inconsistent Initial Conditions

Identify and eliminate issues with motion conflicts.

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