Dynamic Elements

First generation blocks that generate internal torques


Controllable Friction Clutch Represent friction clutch with kinetic and static friction and controlled by pressure signal
Fundamental Friction Clutch Represent friction clutch controlled by kinetic and upper and lower static friction signals
Hard Stop Model restriction on relative angular motion of two driveline axes to free gap with elastic upper and lower limits
Torque Converter Transfer torque between two driveline axes as function of their relative angular velocity
Torsional Spring-Damper Represent damped torsional spring torque, with free play gap, acting between two rotating axes


Control Gear Couplings with Clutches

Couple and decouple driveshafts with clutches.

Model and Simulate a Complete Car

Create and simulate a full car model.

Essential Steps to Build a Driveline Model

Represent a driveline with a Simscape™ Driveline™ model by following these important steps.

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