Simple Gear With Backlash

This example shows how to model a gear with backlash using the Simple Gear in series with the Foundation Library Rotational Hard Stop. The backlash is set to 0.2 degrees, and the damping adjusted so that there are a few oscillations when the torque is applied.

When simulating drivelines as part of a Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) test, it is better to remove effects like backlash as they require small time steps when using a fixed step solver. To run fixed step, double-click on the Solver Configuration block and select Use local solver. This model needs a step of 0.0001s to replicate the variable step solver results. The Trapezoidal Rule solver type is better for this model as the Backward Euler solver adds numerical damping that attenuates the gear oscillations. If you remove the Rotational Hard Stop and connect the torque source directly to the gear, much larger fixed step sizes can be used.

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