Automatic Conversion of First-Generation Models and Libraries

What Automatic Conversion Does

  • You can convert models based on first-generation blocks to new models based on second-generation blocks.

  • You can also convert existing user-defined libraries based on first-generation blocks to new user-defined libraries based on second-generation blocks.

  • In both cases, conversion generates new models and libraries built from the transitional second-generation library.

  • Conversion directly involves the first-generation product block library and the second-generation transitional library, but not the second-generation product library.

How the Simscape Driveline Update Function Works

The sdl_update function converts first-generation models and user-defined libraries to second-generation equivalents. To convert a model, at the command line, enter:

newmdlname = sdl_update('modelname');

If the original model is open, the new one is open. If the original model is closed, the function loads the original model, then creates and loads the new model, without opening it. The new model is saved in your current folder, and its name is stored in the output character vector; in this case, newmdlname.

For additional details, see Model and Library Automatic Conversion Examples and the sdl_update function reference page.

Converting User-Defined Libraries

To convert a first-generation user-defined library, use the same function form used to convert a first-generation model.

Converting Models Linked to User-Defined Libraries

To convert a first-generation model linked to one or more user-defined libraries:

  1. Convert the linked libraries.

  2. Enter the function form specifying not only the model to convert, but both the first- and second-generation linked libraries:

    newmdlname = sdl_update('modelname','oldlib1','newlib1',....);

About Automatically Converted Models

Transitional Library presents the characteristics of the transitional second-generation library and its relationship to the main second-generation product library.

Looking Under Converted Block Masks

The transitional library blocks are masked subsystems. You can view the underlying blocks by looking under the masks.

  • Some first-generation blocks have exact second-generation equivalents, and the masked subsystems wrap the second-generation blocks into forms that look like the first-generation blocks.

  • Upon conversion, first-generation blocks without exact second-generation equivalents are recreated as replacement masked subsystems built from second–generation, Simscape™ Foundation, or pure Simulink® components. The replacement subsystems consist of multiple blocks that function the same way the corresponding first-generation block does.

First-Generation Blocks Without Second-Generation Equivalents or Replacements

For first-generation blocks without subsystem replacements or exact equivalents, the underlying subsystems in the converted blocks are built from Simscape software, but not directly on the Simscape or Simscape Driveline™ Second-Generation library.

Transmission Subsystem Conversion

Upon conversion, first-generation Transmission Templates are recreated as unmasked subsystems built from second-generation blocks. The conversion translates below the subsystem level, at the level of individual blocks (gears, clutches, inertias, etc.) that are linked to the first-generation library.

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