How Simscape Driveline Simulates a Drivetrain System

About Simscape Driveline and Simscape Simulation

Apart from clutches and clutch-like elements, Simscape™ Driveline™ simulation is a special case of Simscape simulation.

Clutch State Determination

During simulation, Simscape Driveline software checks the clutch and clutch-like blocks in your model for locking and unlocking events. If a locked clutch meets the criteria for unlocking, or an unlocked clutch the criteria for locking, the respective clutch states change.

If one or more clutch and clutch-like constraints change, the driveline states are repartitioned into new sets of dependent and independent states. The repartitioning requires a partial reinitialization of the driveline that preserves the state of the driveline before the clutch changes, except for the subset of constraints and states affected by the clutch transitions.

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