Establish relationship between component variables and nodes


across( variable1, node1.variableA, node2.variableB )



across will be removed in a future release. Use equations instead. For more information, see Define Relationship Between Component Variables and Nodes.

across( variable1, node1.variableA, node2.variableB ) establishes the following relationship between the three arguments: variable1 is assigned the value (node1.variableA – node2.variableB). All arguments are variables. The first one is not associated with a node. The second and third must be associated with a node.

The following rules apply:

  • All arguments must have consistent units.

  • The second and third arguments do not need to be associated with the same domain. For example, one may be associated with a one-phase electrical domain, and the other with a 3-phase electrical.

  • Either the second or the third argument may be replaced with [] to indicate the reference node.


If a component declaration section contains two electrical nodes, p and n, and a variable v = { 0, 'V' }; specifying voltage, you can establish the following relationship in the setup section:

across( v, p.v, n.v );  

This defines voltage v as an Across variable from node p to node n.

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Introduced in R2008b

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