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Ideal operational amplifier


Electrical Elements


The Op-Amp block models an ideal operational amplifier (op-amp). The figure shows the implementation schematic.

The block implementation is based on the following assumptions:

  • The ideal op-amp gain A is assumed to be infinite

  • Then, for finite output, must have V1 = 0

  • Ideal op-amp also implies current from p to n is zero (i1 = 0)

These assumptions result in the following equations for the block:

    v1 == p.v - n.v;
    v1 == 0;
    i1 == 0;

For more information, click the Source code link in the block dialog box.

You can initialize the Current into output node variable prior to simulation. For more information, see Block-Level Variable Initialization.


The block has three electrical conserving ports.

Introduced in R2007a

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