Pressure Source (TL)

Generate constant pressure differential


Thermal Liquid/Sources


The Pressure Source (TL) block represents an ideal compressor generating a constant pressure differential across its inlets. The compressor can hold the specified pressure differential regardless of its mass flow rate. No heat exchange occurs between the compressor and the flowing liquid.

Ports A and B represent the compressor inlets. Both ports are thermal liquid conserving ports. The pressure differential is positive when the pressure at inlet B is greater than the pressure at inlet A.


Use the Variables tab in the block dialog box (or the Variables section in the block Property Inspector) to set the priority and initial target values for the block variables prior to simulation. For more information, see Set Priority and Initial Target for Block Variables.

Assumptions and Limitations

  • No heat exchange occurs between the compressor and the flowing liquid.

  • The pressure differential between the compressor inlets is independent of the mass flow rate through those inlets.


Pressure differential

Enter the pressure difference between compressor inlets A and B. The default value is 0 Pa.

Cross-sectional area at ports A and B

Enter the cross-sectional area of the adjoining pipes. The default value is 1e-2 m^2.

Characteristic longitudinal length

Enter the mean path length the liquid must flow through to go from inlet A to inlet B. The default value is 1e-1 m.


The block has two thermal liquid conserving ports, A and B.

Introduced in R2013b

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