Pressure & Temperature Sensor (TL)

Measure pressure and temperature differences


Thermal Liquid/Sensors


The Pressure & Temperature Sensor (TL) block represents an ideal sensor that measures pressure and temperature differences between two thermal liquid nodes. Because pressure and temperature are Across variables, the sensor block must connect in parallel with the component being measured.

The relative orientation of ports A and B determines the measurement sign. The sign is positive if the measured quantity is greater at port A than it is at port B. Switching port connections reverses the measurement sign.

Ports P and T output the pressure and temperature measurements as physical signals. Connect the ports to PS-Simulink Converter blocks to transform the output physical signals into Simulink® signals, e.g., for plotting or additional data processing.

Assumptions and Limitations

  • Sensor inertia is negligible


The block has the following ports.

A, BThermal liquid conserving ports
PPhysical signal output port for pressure measurement
TPhysical signal output port for temperature measurement

Introduced in R2013b

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