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Class: simscape.logging.Node
Package: simscape.logging

Plot series associated with two node objects against each other


h = plotxy(x,y,Name,Value)


h = plotxy(x,y,Name,Value) plots the simulation series values of node y along the y-axis, with series values of node x along the x-axis. h is a cell array of handles to the resulting figures. Arguments x and y are objects (y can be a cell array of objects) of class simscape.logging.Node. Each object must be a simulation variable node (one that has a direct child series). The values of this child series are plotted along the respective axis. All series must have the same time vectors.

Each object name must include a full identifier path to the node, starting with the workspace log variable name. The remaining arguments are optional and provided as name-value pairs.

For more information, including the descriptions of name-value pair arguments, see the simscape.logging.plotxy reference page.


Plot velocities of ports C and R of the Translational Spring block TS against each other, in mm/s:

plotxy(simlog.TS.C.v, simlog.TS.R.v, 'xunits', 'mm/s', 'yunits', 'mm/s')


Use the simscape.logging.plotxy function.

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