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Simscape File Deployment

Use Simscape™ files in block diagrams

You deploy the textual component files in block diagrams by converting them into custom Simscape blocks. You can quickly transform a Simscape component file into a block in your model by using the Simscape Component block. You can also build custom block libraries of your Simscape components, enabling you to share these models across your organization. For more information on these two methods, see Generating Custom Blocks from Simscape Component Files.

Simscape Blocks

Simscape Component Deploy Simscape language component as custom block in model diagram


ssc_build Build custom library from collection of Simscape files
ssc_mirror Create protected mirror of library of Simscape files
ssc_protect Generate Simscape protected files from source files
sl_postprocess Make postprocessing customizations when building custom block library
ssc_clean Clean all derived files generated by library build process
ssc_update Update Simscape component files to use new syntax
simscape.dependency.file Check dependencies for single file
simscape.dependency.lib Check dependencies for library package
simscape.dependency.model Check dependencies for model

Examples and How To

Deploy a Component File in Block Diagram

This example shows how you can quickly transform a Simscape component file into a block in your model, without the extra steps of packaging the file and building a custom library.

Switch Between Different Source Components

This example shows how you can try out several variants of a component in your model by pointing the Simscape Component block to different component files.

Prototype a Component and Get Instant Feedback

This example shows how you can interactively modify the component source and get instant feedback on the resulting block implementation.

Create a Custom Block Library

This example illustrates how you can convert a package of Simscape component files into a custom block library, containing sublibraries with customized names and appearance.

Customize Block Display

The following shows a complete example of a component file with annotation and the resulting library block and dialog box.

Case Study — Basic Custom Block Library

Capacitor library

Case Study — Electrochemical Library

Electrochemical library


Generating Custom Blocks from Simscape Component Files

How to Turn a Component File into a Block

Selecting Component File Directly from Block

How to Turn a Component File into a Block

Building Custom Block Libraries

How to Generate a Library of Custom Blocks

When to Rebuild a Custom Library

You need to rebuild the custom Simscape libraries:

Customizing the Library Name and Appearance

Package names must be valid MATLAB® identifiers.

Customizing the Block Name and Appearance

How to Customize the Block Name

Checking File and Model Dependencies

Using Manifest Tools

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