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1-D/3-D Interface Statistics

This node lists statistics related to the interface between all 1-D physical and 3-D multibody systems present in the model. It appears only for models that connect blocks from Simscape™ Multibody™ Second Generation library to blocks from Simscape, Simscape Driveline™, Simscape Fluids™, Simscape Electronics™, and Simscape Power Systems™ Simscape Components libraries.

All connections are listed individually as Connection 1, Connection 2, and so on. If you select an individual connection, the Sources section lists the source and destination ports for this connection:

  • The Source column contains the full path to the interface port, starting from the top-level model, with a link to the relevant block. If you click the link in the Source column, the corresponding block is highlighted in the block diagram.

  • The Value column specifies whether the port is the source or destination.

If you expand a connection node, the Statistics Viewer provides the filtering information: whether a filter is used, and, if yes, the filter order and time constant.

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