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About Simulation Data Logging

Suggested Workflows

You can log simulation data to the workspace for debugging and verification. Data logging lets you analyze how internal block variables change with time during simulation. For example, you may want to see that the pressure in a hydraulic cylinder is above some minimum value, or compare it against the pump pressure. If you log simulation data to the workspace, you can later query, plot, and analyze it without rerunning the simulation.

Simulation data logging can also replace connecting sensors and scopes to track simulation data. These blocks increase the model complexity and slow down simulation. The Log and Plot Simulation Data shows how you can log and plot simulation data instead of adding sensors to your model. It also shows how you can print the complete logging tree for a model, and plot simulation results for a selected variable.

For additional information, see the reference pages for the classes simscape.logging.Node, simscape.logging.Series, and their associated methods.


Simulation data logging is not supported for:

  • Model reference

  • Generated code

  • Accelerator mode

  • Rapid Accelerator mode

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