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CAD Import

Generate a first-generation model from CAD assembly data


mech_import Generate model from Physical Modeling XML file

Examples and How To

Import a CAD Rigid Body

Generate a rigid body model from a CAD part

Import a Robot Arm Model

This example shows you how to import the model of a robot arm CAD assembly.

Import a CAD Stewart Platform Model

This example shows you how to import the model of a Stewart platform CAD assembly.


Mechanical Import

Overview of installing and using the CAD-to-Simscape™ Multibody™ translator.

Generating New Models from Physical Modeling XML

Generating Body-Joint Simscape Multibody models from the Physical Modeling XML format

Working with Generated Models

Understanding and manually editing generated models

Model Update with Physical Modeling XML

For the steps to generate a model by importing, see Generating New Models from Physical Modeling XML.

Controlling Model Update at the Block Level

To update an existing generated Simscape Multibody model with changes to its original external definition (a CAD assembly, for example), the intermediate XML multibody description file and the model itself must retain information about the identities of at least some of its components.

Troubleshooting Imported and Updated Models

Points out major model-generation and simulation errors and problems that can arise from CAD-based models, and techniques for solving them.

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