Getting Started with Simscape Multibody


Open the Simscape Multibody Model Template

Start a model from a template with commonly used blocks and suitable solver settings.

Model a Simple Link

Model a simple body with solid properties and connection frames parameterized in terms of MATLAB® variables.

Model a Simple Pendulum

Model a basic multibody system comprising a simple body and a revolute joint.

Analyze Simple Pendulum

Apply forces and torques to a basic multibody model. Sense motion variables at joints and visualize these variables using MATLAB plots.

About Multibody Modeling

Creating a Multibody Model

Simscape™ Multibody™ modeling workflow

Multibody Model Anatomy

Basic components of a Simscape Multibody model

Frames and Frame Transforms

Definition of frame, role of frames in a model, and frame transforms as spatial relationships between frames.

Simscape Multibody Bodies

Overview of the solid properties common to all rigid bodies. Role of coordinate frames in rigid body subsystems. Software definition of rigid body boundaries.

Joint Connections

Role of joints in a multibody model. Joints as systems of joint primitives with elementary degrees of freedom. Accounting for the effects of joint inertia in a model.

Joint Actuation

Joint actuation modes, motion input handling, and key differences between model assembly and simulation.

Solid and Multibody Visualization

Solid block and Mechanics Explorer as visualization utilities for solids, bodies, and multibody subsystems.

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