Getting Started

Get started with Simscape™ Multibody™ First Generation

Examples and How To

Build and Run a Mechanical Model

Summary of the most important steps for representing a machine by a Simscape Multibody model

Model and Simulate a Simple Machine

A tutorial to model and simulate a one-degree-of-freedom pendulum

Visualize a Simple Machine

A tutorial to visualize and animate a simple pendulum

Model and Simulate a Closed-Loop Machine

A tutorial to model and simulate a four-bar machine

Simulate Conveyor Belt Model

A simple conveyor showing how to use Simscape Multibody blocks in the Simulink® environment



Convert a First-Generation Model

Compare the workings of the two generations of Simscape Multibody software. Learn how to reproduce tasks familiar from the first-generation environment but without obvious counterparts in the second-generation environment.

What You Can Do with Simscape Multibody Software

Survey of what Simscape Multibody software does, including mechanical modeling and simulation features

Kinematics and Machine Motion State

How Simscape Multibody software implements kinematic states

Representations of Body Motion

How Simscape Multibody software represents translational and rotational motion

Representations of Body Orientation

Ways to represent body rotations in Simscape Multibody software and convert one representation into another

Model Simple Body

Examples of configuring the geometric properties of a body

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