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Representing Machines with SimMechanics Blocks

To model a 3-D multibody system, you use the SimMechanics™ block library. This library contains seven sublibraries that you represent the different model components with. Components that you can represent include rigid bodies, joints, gear and general kinematic constraints, forces and torques, and motion sensors.

Open the Library

To open the SimMechanics block library, at the MATLAB® command line enter sm_lib. The SimMechanics block library opens in a new window. The figure shows the library.

SimMechanics Block Library

Explore the Library

The table summarizes the modeling purpose of each SimMechanics sublibrary. Open a sublibrary to explore its blocks. For detailed information about a block, see its reference page. You can do this by double-clicking the block and clicking Help in the block dialog box.

Body ElementsRepresent the solid properties of a rigid body
ConstraintsConstrain the relative motion between two rigid body frames
Forces and TorquesApply internal and external forces and torques on or between rigid body frames
Gears and CouplingsCouple the motion of two rigid body frames
JointsRepresent the mechanical degrees of freedom between two rigid body frames
UtilitiesRepresent the mechanical environment of a multibody system

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