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Shared Environment

Utility that connects two independent machines in a single mechanical environment


First Generation/Bodies


The Shared Environment block provides a nonphysical connection between two independent mechanical block diagrams, or submachines. The block carries no inertia, adds no joints, imposes no constraints, and transfers no motion, force, or torque between the Simscape™ Multibody™ blocks to which it is connected.

You can use this block to connect two independent machines into one machine, so that the two submachines then share the same machine environment. Making this connection does not change the structure or dynamics of either submachine.

    Caution   The two connected submachines have to be independently valid, and each submachine requires at least one Ground block.

    The resulting composite machine needs exactly one Machine Environment block, not two.

Dialog Box and Parameters

This block has no parameters.

Using the Shared Environment Block

The Shared Environment block features two general-purpose Simscape Multibody connector ports . To connect two machines to each other so that they share the same machine environment, connect each of these ports to either:

  • Another general-purpose connector port

  • A Body coordinate system (CS) port

This block diagram illustrates a valid composite machine formed by connecting two separate machines with a Shared Environment block. The composite machine requires and contains one and only one Machine Environment block.

Introduced before R2006a

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